Kaylynn Keller

Full Stack Web Developer

A little about me:

I have worked the last several years in the customer service industry. And while during this time I gained a lot of valuable skills, I have been ready to pursue a new career path. From previous experience in the Tax and Accounting Profession, I realized how much I loved all the complex problem solving and critical thinking that was involved. I have always had a passion for technology and been intrigued with how things work and the “Behind the scenes” of it all. So, Development really brings the best of both worlds together for me. I graduated from Centriq Training’s Full-Stack Web Development Program in December of 2018, where I developed a wide range of new skills. I have really thrived and had a lot of fun along the way and have developed several different applications. I am ready to jump into this new community and continue to learn and grow! I would love to speak with you about any opportunities you think I may be a good fit for.

-Kaylynn Keller


Front End

HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, jQueryUI, CSS3, Responsive/Mobile Web Development, Bootstrap

Middle Tier

Visual Studio, C#.NET, ASP.NET, LINQ, MVC, EF




My Projects

K Paper Art

This is the latest version of my E-Commerce website (still more updates to be made) and also my personal business site. It is a database driven MVC application. The cart is fully functional up until the actual purchase, once you check out it will just clear your cart. Please feel free to Register and play around with the site!

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Games For Lincoln

These are a collection of different games I have built for my 3 year old son. This is one of the things that excited me about learning to code was being able to make some language and learning games tailored to his needs. This is only the beginning of endless possibilities! These games are a MVC application using a database, entity framework, and file upload. They were made for functionality thus far, not much styling at this time.

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Escape the Console

This is an "Escape Room" game of puzzles. It's using session to hold variables throughout the application. This was my first project ever but was originally done as a console application. I have since redesigned as an MVC application to help re-enforce my skills. Check it out!

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Scheduling Administration Tool

This is the latest version of my Scheduling Administration Tool application. This is a fictional school where students can log on and view their courses. Scheduling staff can log in and update enrollments and scheduled classes and view students information. And an admin will have full CRUD functionality. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to see more than just the anonymous user!

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Sensory Friendly Events

This is my final project from Centriq Training. It is an reservation system for Sensory Friendly Events where users can come and register as an event holder or as a user. This is a database driven application using an MVC design pattern. It uses some different JavaScript features, as well as Ajax. Please feel free to register as a user and/or event holder and play around with the site! Documentation

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This is a Sudoku game I built, I am doing the logic for the puzzle in C# and submitting a form through Ajax, this way it will hold all of the values if the puzzle is wrong instead of refreshing the page. There is not too much styling at this time, but I did add some JavaScript highlighting functionality for when the user is focused on a certain box. I also have my code on my GitHub account for viewing. GitHub

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Classmate Links

Some of the wonderful developers I've had the pleasure of learning and growing with the past couple months!

Click on their Image to view their personal portfolios.

Dana Pollard

Elliot Rooy

Kyle Jackson

Doug McKinney

Brent Kuhlman

Derek Smith

Jason Haynes

Justin Luttman

Logan Arnhold

Grant Harden

Tyler Allmon

Micah Daniel

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